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13 Apr


Do you agree?

Also, I’m trying a new mobile app for posting to the blog. Bare with me :)

I Am Not A Vegan, But They Speak To Me

12 Apr

VeganI eat meat about three times a year; usually on vacation. I am not a person who will give up yogurt or cheese. I have tried and I simply don’t want to do it. I also won’t give up the runny egg, as it is something I crave in my life. For these reasons I am not vegan. I do however, try to limit my intake of these things as much as I can. As a non-vegan I still enjoy a lot of vegan blogs and follow many of them. No Meat Athlete, and The Blissful Chef are two that are speaking to me right now.

I really enjoy No Meat Athlete because there is a perception that to be athletic you have to get protein from meat, so I like that Matt is showing that to be a myth. He is a big runner and I am trying to get back in to running. He also has a lot of advice on how to make the transition from non-vegan to vegan with little trouble. The times in my life when I do go 100% vegan, I follow his advice to make it easier.  Check out his blog even if you are not a vegan.

The Blissful & Fit Chef is another who is blowing the protein from meat myth right out of the water. I really enjoy a lot of what Christy posts, from food to workouts. I learned how to cook Tempeh from her blog, and it changed my world. Christy recently posted about her involvement in a vegan magazine called, Definition, and I think you should check it out. As I get older strength training becomes more important to help lose weight and become more fit. Christy has been making the transition from fit and healthy, to weight lifter fit and it has been amazing to follow. She is very open about what she eats and what she does in her workouts. Her posts are very motivating and full of helpful information.

These are just two of the bloggers rocking my world right now so go and check them out!

Chia Seed Pudding

8 Apr

I have been using chia seeds in my diet here and there for about a year or so. I usually add them to a smoothy or oatmeal, but breakfast is the toughest meal for me to work into my day. I was turned on to the idea of chia seed pudding by the blog Cautiously Domestic, which I highly recommend for many reasons. I tried to find the recipe on their page so I could link it, but I could not. The recipe below is theirs and not my own. I have been eating this for a couple months and have not altered it, so all credit goes to the ladies at Cautiously Domestic.

I mix chia seeds with vanilla almond milk in a mason jar so I can shake it with no threat of spillage or leakage.


Mix 1 and 1/3 cups vanilla almond milk with 1/3 cup chia seeds in the jar and shake well to mix.

This is how it looks when first mixed.

This is how it looks when first mixed.

You will need to shake the contents every couple of minutes for about 15 minutes so that the chia seeds do not get clumpy and chunky. As the seeds absorb the almond milk they expand so you have to keep them moving for a bit as they expand. You want this to be like a pudding texture, and clumpy is not good.  If it gets clumpy, you can smoosh the clumps with the backside of a spoon, but the texture will not be the same.  Shaking regularly for 15 minutes is the best way to go. After you are done shaking, refrigerate for several hours or overnight. The seeds will continue to expand a little in the fridge, but will not clump.

In the morning your chia seed pudding will look like this:


I like to mix mine in flavored greek yogurt and eat that as my breakfast. I like one large heaping spoon full of the pudding in my yogurt. You will want to experiment with the amount of chia pudding you like. It’s personal preference. The chia seeds will not change the taste of the yogurt.


Mix the pudding in the yogurt and enjoy!


If you do not like yogurt or are dairy free, you can add a little honey or agave to sweeten the pudding a bit. Then mix with fruit and eat it that way. Equally delicious and you still reap all the benefits of chia seeds. There a lot of options so experiment and share your concoctions with us.

**The chia seed pudding recipe as stated above is around 110 calories and 5.7 grams of fat per serving. You will have to figure it out for yourself based on how much you use, but since I eyeball my servings this is an approximation.

The benefits of chia seeds:

Chia seeds can help prevent blood sugar spikes and slow digestion. They are also packed with fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, and omega 3′s (Coles, 2013). There is a lot of information that says chia seeds make you fuller longer so they will aid in weigh loss. My personal experience is that I do feel fuller longer, but I would not attribute a direct weight loss with the chia seeds alone. I think they are part of a larger change that has provided some weight loss. I found this quote on Web MD and would agree with it, “Enjoy chia seeds for their flavor and to boost the fiber, protein, calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3s in your diet. But don’t expect a big weight loss boost” (Zelman, 2014).



Coles, Terri. (2013). Chia Seed Benefits: 10 Reasons To Add Chia To Your Diet. Retrieved on April 6, 2014 from: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/06/03/chia-seed-benefits-_n_3379831.html 

Zelman, Kathleen. (2014). The Truth About Chia. Retreived on April 6, 2014 from: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/truth-about-chia



Spring Was Here

6 Apr

There was a glimpse of spring this weekend. The temperature got up into the high 50′s on Saturday and Sunday so we were able to get out and walk the dogs for more than five minutes. They loved it and it felt good to get some fresh air, and feel the sun on my face. I even opened a couple of windows today; it was amazing!

I made a commitment at the start of the year that everyday it was not raining or below freezing, I would go for a thirty minute walk. I walked both days this weekend and it was great. I like to see the world coming back to life after the winter.


You can still see some ice on the water


Ducks are always a good sign

I am also very sad that soon these trees and this small bit of open land (below) will be torn up and covered in houses. I know it is the American way to cover every patch of open land with houses, but do we have to cut down the trees? Beyond those trees is a super busy intersection and who in the hell would want a house right off a busy intersection. The traffic noises are getting louder and louder around here and it is just depressing. I grew up in this neighborhood, but with all development it barely resembles the place I know and love. I guess I am supposed to take it as a nod to progress, but I don’t. I hate it.




Autoimmune Disease

4 Apr

attack of autoimmuneI have autoimmune disease. I was finally diagnosed in early August 2013, after years of building symptoms and doctors telling me I was fine and just needed to relax and not be such a hypochondriac. Since the diagnosis I have struggled to deal with it all and figure out how to manage it with no drugs. I hate to take medication and want to be medication free as long as I can. Fortunately, I have a doctor who supports this and is engaged in my preferred treatment path. I have not dealt with this new existence very well, but have started to become a little more comfortable with the thought that this will be the rest of my life. I am writing this post and that will be it for a while on the disease/disorder front. Part of my dealing with it has been to tell the people close to me the intimate details and move on. Here, you do not get the details, but I wanted to be honest about what is going on and why I have been silent. The reason I started this blog was because everything on the web about over/compulsive eating was super depressing and I wanted something a little more refreshing. I will say the same is true for many autoimmune disease blogs; not all but many. I want to be the bright spot in the autoimmune game, but I am simply not there yet.


Some refer to it as autoimmune disorder, but my doctor calls it a disease because it will be something I deal with for the rest of my life. In case you do not know what autoimmune disease/disorder is, here is a definition: “An autoimmune disorder is a condition that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue.” (Dugdale et. all, 2011). There are more than 80 types of autoimmune disorders, and the symptoms and treatments vary based on the type. There is not necessarily a cure, but here are treatment options. Currently, I see a naturopath and an acupuncturist, and that has been working for me. I still have flare ups but they are manageable at this point. I realize many people need medications and have very serious complications, but these things work for me right now, and that can change at any time.


Autoimmune disease is more common than you might think. “Named a major women’s health issue by the Office of Research on Women’s Health at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), autoimmunity is the underlying cause of more than 100 serious, chronic illnesses. Of the 50 million Americans living and coping with autoimmune disease (AD), more than 75 percent of them are women” (American Autoimmune, 2014).


So that’s it. Those are the facts of my life and what’s happening with me. I will be more present in the blog going forward and when it applies, we may discuss this issue again.

Onward and upward!



American Autoimmune. Autoimmune Disease in Women. (2014). Retrieved on April 4, 2014 from: http://www.aarda.org/autoimmune-information/autoimmune-disease-in-women/

Dugdale, D. et all. Autoimmune Disorders. (2011). Retrieved on April 4, 2014 from: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000816.htm

Eat Real Food Series From Katheats.com – Part 4

4 Oct

Here is the 4th installment of Eat Real food from Katheats.com: 10 Ways To Eat More Real Food.  Why is good eating always such common sense!?

I am headed to Nashville, TN Monday so I will be posting a lot of food pictures on Twitter, and give you all the details here!!  If you are not yet following me on Twitter click the “Follow” button on the right side of the page.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I Accept Your Food Judgement

29 Sep

I eat fairly well for the most part, but I do eat somethings that raise an eyebrow or two when I reveal them. I believe that I am a person who will never eat clean or healthy one hundred percent of the time, because I like what I like and if I feel restricted I go off the rails. This is exactly why I can’t be vegan or vegetarian one hundred percent of the time; bacon – hello! I do my best, but I am not about to pass up some solid mouth-watering cooking for anyone or anything. I will and have eaten things like foie gras if that is what the chef is known for, because I love great food and I will eat great food from great chefs. Ethics and dietary issues be damned!

This post is not about great chefs or about great food, but it is about yummy food like substances I like to eat now and then that will more than likely invoke your best judge face. The following items are eaten with little to no shame; some more often than others. Judge away.

1.) Pumpkin Pie Pop-tarts  - I could eat these everyday and be very happy. Since they are only available from mid-September to about Thanksgiving, I make sure to eat a lot of them! PumpkinPiePopTarts

2.) Velveeta Shells and Cheese – If you don’t like this you are a communist and should leave the country immediately. And none of this 2% milk bull shit either, you eat it straight up or you don’t eat it at all.  velveeta-shells-and-cheese

3.) Tostitos  Con Queso – I realize that this is one molecule away from being plastic, but I don’t care. I usually buy it and eat half the jar, but then I come to my senses and I toss the rest.  Tostitos

4.) Chili Cheese Fritos – These and regular fritos are sort of a childhood throw back for me. My dad used to eat them and give my sister and I them as a treat, so I sort of find them comforting. But they are also delicious.  fritos-chili-cheese-flavored-29076


Those are the top 4 items that are not really food, but I love them just the same. This is why I will never be a full-time clean eater. Oh well.

50 Shades of Blue: The Use of Profanity at The Green Study

28 Sep


This is great! I am glad others accept a little profanity now and then.

Originally posted on The Green Study:

canstockphoto8636729A friend of a friend was directed to my blog. Her first comment, after reading one of my posts, was, “she uses a lot of foul language”.  All that writing, all that effort and her takeaway was the occasional swear word?

I’ve wrestled for years with my propensity towards the profane. As a parent, I managed to go the first 7 or 8 years of my daughter’s life without swearing in front of her. Lately, that’s been slipping, as I’ve struggled with health issues and exhaustion – just too tired of trying to do everything “right”. So a damn or shit or hell slips out. Then she and I have a discussion about language and I do penance by wondering how much her therapy bill will be in the future.

It’s not as if I don’t understand some people’s reactions. As a teenager, I was prim and proper and pious…

View original 846 more words

Cycling With Jesus – Update #2

27 Sep

A couple of weeks ago I went to an afternoon cycle class and had no idea I would be saved by the end. If you don’t know about this experience, get a drink and click here. I finally went back to the class and I want you to know that the revival is alive and well. The first note of the christian pop was all I needed to know that the next 45 minutes were going to be a barely tolerable jesus fest. And it was! Again, I am a church goer, and I have very little judgement about other people religious beliefs but I just want to work out. When it’s time for a little one on one time with the big JC, I do that at church or in private, not while sweat is dripping on the floor and I am three miles into a great cycle class.

After the class I stopped at the front desk to talk to the manager. I told him that I didn’t really want to complain because it’s a good work out and the music is descent and the instructor seems like a really nice person, I just thought it would be great if she could tone down the chatter. I explained that other people in the class seemed to be okay with it so I didn’t want to ruin it if that’s part of why they came to the class. I just thought forty-five minutes of talking was too much. Even if she was reading Twilight for forty-five minutes straight, I would hate it. (You should know I love Twilight and I accept your judgement) It’s hard to get into the zone when someone is constantly talking. It’s a little about content, but it’s mostly about the length of the ramble. He said he understood and he had no idea that was going on in the class. I reiterated that I wasn’t really concerned about the religious aspect, more the force with which the message is delivered. If that is what people come to the class for I didn’t want to ruin it. He assured me heard me.

I left the gym and immediately felt like a terrible human being. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut and maybe I should have just gone to the class and sucked it up. I told a couple friends and they said their complaint would have been much more fueled than mine so I shouldn’t feel bad, but I do. I feel like maybe next week I should just say something to the instructor and tell her that I am the one who talked to the manager. I am really surprised at how crappy I feel about this whole thing. God I am getting soft in my old age!

image from bicyclefriends.com

image from bicyclefriends.com

Eat Real Food Series From Katheats.com – Part 3

18 Sep

As promised, here is the next installation of Kath’s Eat Real Food series: How Do You Eat Real Food?

I like her side by side comparisons of food labels so you can really see the difference in the ingredients. It’s a great post and a great series, so click the link and check it out.


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